Don't Tell Grandma!

What could be better for my camera than one adorable child? How about Two! Hayden and Brayden are cousins that got together for photos at Barclay Farms in Cherry Hill, NJ with an alternative motive of melting their grandmother's heart for mother's day! 

Um, mission accomplished... Look at them! SO cute. 

They gifted their lovely grandmother a gorgeous 16x24 print ordered through Jenna Lynn Photography, and I am told she was overjoyed by the heirloom! 

Just over a year ago, I photographed Brayden's parent's wedding day! I love seeing my client's kids so often. It is amazing how quickly kids change. It is so important to get them in front of the camera. Don't ever worry about making them pose, capturing a child's natural ability to be themselves and explore is the best way to preserve their innocence!

Thank you Shannon and Kacey for letting me have fun with the kids!