"Life was meant for good friends, and great adventures". 

My husband and I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for our fifth wedding anniversary. While we were there, having such a difficult time relaxing by the pool, sipping on drinks and enjoying exquisite, endless meals everyday we met a remarkable couple.

Marjorie and Zachary were celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary! They married young and mentioned that they didn’t have photos taken on their wedding day. I heard this, and a part of my soul died. Then she told me that they never really had photos of them taken at all, aside from cell phone photos! I told her that I simply couldn’t let that slide, and that this 11th anniversary was going to be one that gave them something to look back on!

Although I had only brought ONE lens with me, we met up after swimming one day for a quick little sunset session on the grounds of our resort, Secrets Puerto Vallarta. It was supposed to be about a 15 minute impromptu session however…once I get started, it is hard to stop me until I just lose all sunlight. We had so much fun, and after the four of us went to dinner. We swapped stories about our lives back home, and what our goals and hopes are. I was in awe of how selfless and caring of their neighbors theses two are. Their marriage and faith are most important to them, and that is so inspiring. It is, after all the base of the type of work I do and that reminder was refreshing! 

Mike and I have made friends in a few countries and states now from traveling. These friendships stick with you, even though the experiences you’ve shared were quick. I am so happy to now have gained two additional friends and hope they come over to the East Coast soon!

Thank you Marjorie and Zach for the laughs, being my models and for being such beautiful souls that spread love to the world.