Cescaphe Waterworks Wedding

"When are you going to propose to her?" was a question Austin heard very often! Austin and I were once co-workers. I looked forward to him visiting my desk to break up the dragging work day with his genuine and positive personality. I can remember how he smiled like a smitten school boy as spoke about his then girlfriend, Gia. I made him promise me that when the time comes, that I would be the one to photograph his happiness on their wedding day!

I had been looking forward to working at Cescaphe Event Group's Waterworks venue in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia for quite some time. In Spring of 2011, my husband and I had our own engagement photos taken at this location because it was an area we loved to visit often. When I met with Gia and Austin and learned about their venue plans, I became just as excited as they were!

June 2, 2017 was a gorgeous, bright day - absolutely perfect for a wedding! Gia spent her morning with her close girlfriends, mother and grandmother in the home she grew up in. In between capturing moments, I take a few minutes without using my camera for my memory as well. Doing this keeps me tuned into being aware, despite the busy morning. I can recall how Gia's grandmother sat in the background and just beamed with happiness at her gorgeous granddaughter. I can hear her sister's laugh and remember the girl's reactions to seeing their sweet friend in her wedding gown. I can only hope that as fast as my fingers can dial in settings to capture a fleeting moment, that the same images I capture can help Gia and Austin reflect on their special day for years to come!

The groom-to-be wrote his bride a heartfelt letter for her to read before they would meet at the altar. No one but Gia needs to know what touching words were written, however her smile tells us everything . She was more than ready to get the show on the road and see her guy!

Austin and his groomsmen spent the morning binging on snacks, enjoying adult beverages and hanging out! When it came time to get dressed and make sure Austin made it to the church, the men shared a toast, checked their ties, made sure they had the rings and then were ready for the ceremony! 

Austin and Gia had their ceremony at Holy Savior Church. It was so ornate and gorgeous in detail, it felt like a royal wedding! Every bride wants their groom to be overcome with happiness and emotion when they watch her walk toward them. Austin's heart took over, and that moment and her beauty brought him to tears. With family and friends supporting their commitment, they said their vows and became husband and wife! 

Following the ceremony, the bridal party headed to Fairmount Park in Philadelphia to have some fun with wedding day photos before the outdoor reception. Both Gia and Austin have a great group of friends that were so happy for them. We also made time for photos of just the bride and groom before they met their guests for cocktail hour! 

A game of limbo for a grand entrance, a romantic first dance to the warm golden sunset, heartwarming toast, and a night of endless dancing made Gia and Austin's dream wedding a reality. This now combined family had so much fun honoring the new union, the Father of the Bride even twirled me around the dance floor which was a first!

Cescaphe Event Group executed yet another perfect celebration with the most elegant details, and a super fun topsy turvy cake. The magical night ended with a sugar lover's ideal dessert spread, and (by far) the most heart-stopping epic cake smash! Incase you're wondering, the bride laughed and the six hour marriage survived beyond the icing fight.  

Once again, Congratulations Gia and Austin! Thank you for having me be a part of the beginning of your forever. xoxo